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Mid-Autumn Festival is a reunion festival, DON'T FORGET TO RETURN whereever you go

October 14, 2022
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A box of mooncakes is probably the most meaningful and delicate gift that ViTPR's family sends their sincere heart to the colleagues who have been with us throughout the long journey.

It is no coincidence that the Mid-Autumn Festival is dearly called "Tet Reunion" by Vietnamese people. Because whenever we mention the full moon day of August, wherever we are, we feel as excited as the sound of a “lion drum” urging us to return to our beloved family.

Not as busy as the Lunar New Year with many traditional customs, the Mid-Autumn Festival is simply gathering together with family, giving grandparents a box of cakes, displaying fruit trays with mother, watching the full moon with father, having fun with children and carry lanterns with them.

When the life is getting hustle, we realize that the moment we enjoy simple happiness with family is such a priceless gift.

Another Mid-Autumn Festival is comming. In the atmosphere of this special day, our company would like to send its gratitude to you - who have accompanied the company during the past journey. We would like to send you best wishes for health and happiness. Hope we all have a warm, joyful, and happy Mid-Autumn Festival with family and friends.




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