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An exciting summer at Citadines Pearl Hoi An

October 17, 2022
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ViTPR Say hello to summer to Citadines Pearl Hoi An.

After a epidemic year, ViTPR has returned to the travel platforms and Company Trip this year.

Beat the heat this summer with a getaway vacation with your family and capture plenty of memorable moments together or simply indulge yourself in the tropical vibes of beachfront property with a wide range of entertainment activities.

Located in the ideal place where it takes only 2 minutes to walk to An Bang beach and10 minutes to drive to the old town, has become the place that the ViTPR family chooses for employees to experience.

Completing the challenge of 2 days 1 nights away from the computer. Play hard at Citadines Pearl Hoi An resort. The ViTPR family had unforgettable experiences and memories on this Company Trip.

The passionate spirit of all ViTPR staff along with the blue sea, white sand, and sunshine have created a brilliant journey.




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